Sievi Capital as an owner

Committed partner for our target companies

Sievi Capital is a long-term and committed partner for our target companies, unlisted Finnish SMEs. We will partner with our target companies’ entrepreneurs to share the risk and enable them to fully exploit the company’s potential with our support.

We create business and exit plans for our target companies at the time of investment. We operate in a goal-oriented manner, develop companies systematically and update plans regularly. By being flexible in the timing of the exit, we ensure the best possible price at exit.

Sievi Capital develops its target companies through active ownership supported by network of professional advisers. Our targets are set high and, as the business operations of our target companies develop and their value increases, both the target companies’ owner-entrepreneurs and Sievi Capital’s shareholders will benefit.

We increase value through active ownership

We offer our target companies the support of Sievi Capital’s operational management and the resources of our experienced adviser network.

We bring expertise, experience and strategic vision to the company’s Board of Directors.

We ensure that the company’s management has sufficient resources at its disposal and supplement them, if necessary.

We revise reporting practices and develop related monitoring.

Responsibility and ethical practices are an essential element in our operations and target company development.

We invest in growth, reinforce the organic growth path and ensure sufficient resources for it.

We adopt an active role in growing the target company through corporate acquisitions. We explore new opportunities and make calculations and preparations.

We support the company in its internationalisation. We offer the company information, experience and networks.

We plan the most suitable financing for the company and participate in negotiations and the selection of partners.

Responsible owner

Responsibility and ethical practices are an essential element in our operations and target company development. The principles for responsible investment have been integrated into Sievi Capital’s investment decision making process and ownership practices. Sievi Capital considers it important to understand the long- and short-term risks and opportunities
related to target companies’ environmental, social and corporate governance aspects.

The Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) has issued a set of guidelines to promote transparency in the venture capital and private equity industry. Sievi Capital meets these requirements.

Finnish Venture Capital Associations transparency and disclosure guidelines

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