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Sievi Capital in brief

Sievi Capital is a Finnish private equity investment company that invests in unlisted small and medium-sized Finnish companies. We are a reliable long-term partner for management and co-owners in target companies. We support the companies’ growth, performance and value creation through active ownership. Our active partnership also creates added value for our shareholders.

We always make our investments directly from our balance sheet, which enables agile and flexible investment activities. In all our operations, we are committed to responsible and ethical practices. Sievi Capital’s share is publicly listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

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Target companies


Net sales of our typical investment (m€)


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    Sievi Capital’s vision is to be the most desired partner in ownership arrangements for Finnish small and medium-sized companies.



    We are a partner for the management and co-owners of our target companies, as well as an active majority owner who is able to support companies on many different fronts. Our relationship with the company goes deeper than an ownership; we are co-entrepreneurs.


    We make investments directly from our balance sheet, which enables agile and flexible investment activities that are not tied to time constraints. In order to implement our common growth strategy, we ensure the company has the necessary additional resources.


    We are a long-term owner. Our ownership is not tied to time constraints, but we want to develop the business of our target companies and increase their value through active cooperation.


    The principles for responsible investment have been integrated into Sievi Capital’s investment decision-making process and ownership practices. We only invest in Finnish companies, which we require to commit to the development of responsible business.

    Investment Strategy

    We invest in small and medium-sized Finnish companies with
    net sales of EUR 15–100 million. We invest EUR 5–15 million per
    target. Our goal is to make 1–2 investments per year.

    We are looking for strong companies with profitable business
    operations and positive cash flow. They have the potential
    to grow much faster than the industry and gain a significant
    market position.

    We always seek a majority holding or sufficient control that
    enables us to choose, change and implement the company’s

    We make investments directly from our balance sheet. Our
    investment activities are flexible and support the value creation
    of the target company optimally. As our investments are not
    strictly tied to time constraints, we are able to operate in an
    agile manner.


    Sievi Capital Plc began operations in the current form in the beginning of 2012, when Sievi Capital Oyj demerged into two separate listed companies: investment company Sievi Capital plc and contract manufacturing and system supplier Scanfil plc. Sievi Capital’s investment focus was gradually shifted from multi asset-class investments to private equity investments. After the end of 2017, Sievi Capital’s investment portfolio has consisted solely of private equity investments.