Financial Indicators

Operating profit, MEUR20,211,716,016,316,0
Net profit for the period, MEUR18,49,912,813,512,8
Equity, MEUR93,577,378,167,053,5
Balance sheet total, MEUR113,583,581,579,879,3
Personnel, average75443
Return on equity-%21,612,717,722,527,2
Gearing, %8,6-11,1-41,24,930,2
Earnings per share, EUR0,320,170,220,230,22
Dividend per share, EUR (1) (2)0,00-0,050,040,040,180,00
Net asset value per share, EUR1,611,331,351,160,93

(1) 2018 number includes extra dividend (0.15 €/share) paid in February 2020.

(2) The Board of Directors’ proposal for the distribution of profit is that no dividend for 2021 financial period be distributed by resolution of the Annual General Meeting, but that the Annual General Meeting authorise the Board of Directors to decide later, at its discretion, on the distribution of a dividend of a total maximum of EUR 0.05 per share. The key figures for 2021 are presented within the variation range of dividends per share (EUR 0.00–0.05).

Financial objectives and dividend policy

Financial objectives

  • Return on equity in the long term at least 13%
  • Gearing at most 20%

Dividend Policy

  • The aim is to distribute annually an ordinary dividend of approximately 3% of the net asset value per share
  • In addition an extra dividend can be distributed after significant exits

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