Financial Indicators

Financial indicators

Operating profit, MEUR11,716,016,316,012,0
Net profit for the period, MEUR9,912,813,512,89,9
Equity, MEUR77,378,167,053,540,7
Balance sheet total, MEUR83,581,579,879,344,7
Personnel, average54433
Return on equity-%12,717,722,527,217,7
Gearing, %-11,1-41,24,930,2-24,0
Earnings per share, EUR0,170,220,230,220,17
Dividend per share, EUR (1)0,04 0,040,180,000,00
Net asset value per share, EUR1,331,351,160,930,70

(1) 2018 number includes extra dividend (0.15 €/share) paid in February 2020.

Financial objectives and dividend policy

Financial objectives

  • Return on equity in the long term at least 13%
  • Gearing at most 20%

Dividend Policy

  • The aim is to distribute annually an ordinary dividend of approximately 3% of the net asset value per share
  • In addition an extra dividend can be distributed after significant exits

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