Sievi Capital in Brief

Sievi Capital is a Finnish private equity investment company that invests in unlisted small and medium-sized Finnish companies. We are a reliable long-term partner for management and co-owners in target companies. We support the companies’ growth, performance and value creation through active ownership. Our active partnership also creates added value for our shareholders.

We always make our investments directly from our balance sheet, which enables agile and flexible investment activities. In all our operations, we are committed to responsible and ethical practices. Sievi Capital’s share is publicly listed on Nasdaq Helsinki

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    The bold vision of KH-Koneet found someone to share the risk

    Sievi Capital invested in KH-Koneet in 2017. Since then, the company has expanded to new sectors, entered the Swedish market and more than doubled its net sales. The bold vision of entrepreneurs has borne fruit while the company has retained its distinctive spirit.

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    A forerunner in the locking industry brings a tenfold return on investment

    Sievi Capital invested in iLOQ in its early years and as an owner supported the company's growth and internationalisation. The management of this innovative company was pleased with “an entrepreneurial owner who recognises what is essential.

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