Indoor Group is a leading home furniture and interior furnishing retailer in Finland and Baltics. The group consists of two well-known and complementary retailing chains Asko and Sotka, operating in Finland and Estonia, as well as an upholstery factory Insofa Oy. Both chains also have own online-stores in Finland, Estonia and Latvia.
KH-Koneet Group is one of the leading earth-moving machine importers in Finland and Sweden. KH-Koneet Group provides full-service for earthworks and material transfer, wide maintenance and spare parts services and professional technical support. The Group consists of business units KH-Koneet, Kobelco Center, Edeco Tools and KH-Maskin providing import, sales and maintenance services, as well as earth-moving machine rental shops Crent and S-Rental.
Logistikas offers local logistics, in-house logistics and immediate-proximity warehousing services. In addition, they also provide consultation and procurement services. The company operates at six locations in Finland in its own logistics centers, as well as at customers’ premises, attending to in-house logistics.
Nordic Rescue Group is a corporation specialized in rescue vehicles. The Group companies are Saurus Oy and Vema Lift Oy, which are Finnish manufacturers of rescue platforms and rescue vehicles, operating internationally. The customers of the Group are public and private (e.g. industrial plants, airports) fire departments and emergency services.

Earlier Investments

Apetit plc is a food production company whose shares are quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.
Efore plc develops and manufactures demanding power products for electronics. Its shares are quoted on the Nasdaq Helsinki.
Finelcomp provides solutions for electricity distribution and telecommunication enclosure and attachment mechanics. In addition, the company offers contract manufacturing of high quality and competitive sheet metal parts.
iLOQ is a quickly internationalizing Finnish growth company that transforms mechanical locking into digital access management. The company develops, manufactures and markets innovative, high-security level digital locking solutions.
IonPhasE Ltd develops and manufactures high-quality dissipative polymers that help to control static electricity in plastic products. IonPhasE products are utilised in a wide range of industries, such as chemical, automotive, telecommunications and consumer electronics. IonPhasE manufactures IonPhasE IPE polymers based on its patented proprietary technology.
Kitron is a Norwegian listed electronics manufacturing service company. 
Panphonics is a manufacturer of products based on directional audio technology.
Suvanto Trucks is one of the largest independent dealers of heavy duty vehicles in the Nordics. The company's business consists of selling new and second-hand commercial vehicles and related accessories, spare parts and maintenance services as well as providing car financing services. Suvanto Trucks operates in Finland and Sweden.
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