Target Companies

Sievi Capital as an Owner

Sievi Capital is a long-term and committed partner for our target companies, unlisted Finnish SMEs. We will partner with our target companies’ entrepreneurs to share the risk and enable them to fully exploit the company’s potential with our support.

Together with the network of professional advisers, Sievi Capital develops its target companies through active ownership. Our targets are set high and, as the business operations of our target companies develop and their value increases, both the target companies’ owner-entrepreneurs and Sievi Capital’s shareholders will benefit.

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Indoor Group

Indoor Group is a leading home furniture and interior decoration retailer in Finland and Baltics. The Group consists of the retail chains Asko and Sotka, operating in Finland and Estonia, as well as a sofa factory Insofa Oy. Both chains also have their own online stores in Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

Holding 58.3 % Year of acquisition 2017 Turnover 204.8 m€ (2021)
KH-Koneet Group

KH-Koneet Group is one of the leading earth-moving machine importers in Finland and Sweden. KH-Koneet Group provides full service for earthworks and material transfer, comprehensive maintenance and spare parts services and professional technical support. The Group consists of business units KH-Koneet, Kobelco Center, Edeco Tools and KH-Maskin providing import, sales and maintenance services as well as earth-moving machine rental shops Crent and S-Rental.

Holding 90.5 % Year of acquisition 2017 Turnover 168.7 m€ (2021)

Logistikas offers local logistics, in-house logistics and immediate-proximity warehousing services. In addition, they also provide consultation and procurement services. The company operates at six locations in Finland in its own logistics centers, as well as at customers’ premises, attending to in-house logistics.

Holding 65.9 % Year of acquisition 2020 Turnover 22.0 m€ (2021)
Nordic Rescue Group

Nordic Rescue Group is a corporation specialised in rescue vehicles. The Group companies are Saurus Oy and Vema Lift Oy, which are Finnish manufacturers of rescue platforms and rescue vehicles, operating internationally. The customers of the Group are public and private (e.g. industrial plants, airports) fire departments and emergency services

Holding 67.9 % Year of acquisition 2020 Turnover 37.6 m€ (2021)

HTJ is one of the leading construction management companies in Finland and offers its customers a wide range of expert services in construction management, site supervision, energy and environmental consulting and project management. The company employs approximately 150 experts and it has offices in Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Hämeenlinna.

Holding 91.7 % Year of acquisition 2021 Turnover 19.0 m€ (2021)

The bold vision of KH-Koneet found someone to share the risk

Sievi Capital invested in KH-Koneet in 2017. Since then, the company has expanded to new sectors, entered the Swedish market and more than doubled its net sales. The bold vision of entrepreneurs has borne fruit while the company has retained its distinctive spirit.

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A forerunner in the locking industry brings a tenfold return on investment

Sievi Capital invested in iLOQ in its early years and as an owner supported the company’s growth and internationalisation. The management of this innovative company was pleased with “an entrepreneurial owner who recognises what is essential”.

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