The website uses cookies for the provision and development of Sievi Capital’s services, for enhancing the user experience of the website and for targeting marketing efforts.

A cookie is a text file that is send to, and stored on, the user’s own computer. Cookies do not damage users’ computers or files. Cookies can be used for collecting information such as the following: downloaded pages, browser type, operating system, date and time.

You may prevent the use of cookies in the browser’s settings. If you disable the feature, this may slow down certain services or entirely prevent access to certain web pages.

Sievi Capital’s website uses the Google Analytics tool. The Google Analytics application uses cookies based on which statistics on the use of individual web pages can be compiled and the use of the site can be analysed. Cookies collect anonymous data on the website traffic. Such data cannot be linked to a specific person.

The data collected on the use of Sievi Capital’s website (‘commercial cookies’) can also be used for the provision of advertising targeted at a specific browser. Target group segments are created from the data based on the websites specific browsers have visited during a specific period. Based on the target group segments, the user will be shown advertisements that will most likely interest them. Advertisers and advertisement networks target their advertising based on the behaviour data collected from Sievi Capital’s web pages. You may prevent targeted advertising in its entirety or in detail through the YourOnlineChoices website (