Sievi Capital

Sievi Capital is a listed (Nasdaq Helsinki) private equity investment company that invests in small and medium-sized Finnish companies. Sievi Capital acts in close partnership with management and co-owners in target companies and actively supports growth, performance and value creation.


Sievi Capital is the most desired partner for Finnish small and medium-sized companies’ ownership arrangements.








Sievi Capital in brief

  • Listed Finnish private equity investment company
  • Independent company since 2012
  • Listed share: Nasdaq Helsinki (ticker symbol SIEVI)
  • Shareholder value creation and private equity investments in unlisted small and medium-sized Finnish companies central in the strategy
  • Partner for target companies’ management and co-owners that actively supports companies’ growth, profitability and value creation
  • Target to be the most desired partner for entrepreneurs and other key people in potential target companies for taking significant leaps of growth and increasing company value


Better return from private equity markets

Investing in Sievi Capital’s share enables participation in the Finnish non-listed private equity market

Company Structure

Sievi Capital

Investment activities and objectives

Active partner for target companies’ management and co-owners

  • We make majority investments in small and medium-sized Finnish companies with turnover typically in the range of 15–100 MEUR at the time of the investment
  • Our potential target companies are profitable and have positive cashflow
  • We are a partner for target companies’ management and co-owners that encourages managed risk-taking and acquisitions as well as leaps of growth and new openings
  • We develop our target companies’ organizations and processes, and optimize their financing solutions
  • Our investments are industry independent and the key factor is that the target company has what it takes to grow into a leading player in its sector
  • We target significant growth and value creation in our target companies which is realized at exit
  • Social responsibility is an important part of our investment process and we require our target companies’ commitment to responsible business
  • We make investments directly from balance sheet, which enables agile and flexible investment activities free of time constraints


Sievi Capital as owner

Strategic and financial support for substantial leaps of growth

  • We are an active majority owner of our target companies and we manage our companies through professional board work
  • In addition to our knowhow our target companies benefit from our broad and versatile network
  • We offer entrepreneurs significant added value in demanding transformations, like acquisitions, industry arrangements, internationalization and generational transitions
  • We create a mutual growth strategy and ensure additional resources and financial flexibility to realize the strategy
  • The management of our target companies is without exception a substantial owner and the ownership of personnel is tailored to fit each investment, company growth stage and personnel’s own interests
  • An exit plan for investments is made at the time of investment and is updated regularly. Our holding period comes to an end when the company’s strategic development enters a new phase, and the responsibility will be handed over to a new owner
  • The value creation is realized at exit and benefits all owners – key personnel as well as investors


Financial targets and dividend policy

Financial targets

  • Return on equity in the long term at least 13%
  • Gearing below 20%

Dividend policy

  • The aim is to distribute annually an ordinary dividend of approximately 3% of the net asset value per share
  • In addition an extra dividend can be distributed after significant exits



Sievi Capital has committed to act according to the principles of responsible investment activities in investment decisions and as owner. Sievi Capital’s principles of responsible investment activities: link to the principles

The Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) has issued a set of guidelines to promote transparency in the venture capital and private equity industry. Sievi Capital meets these requirements. Download the recommendations here.


Sievi Capital Plc began operations in the current form in the beginning of 2012, when Sievi Capital Oyj demerged into two separate listed companies: investment company Sievi Capital plc and contract manufacturing and system supplier Scanfil plc. Sievi Capital’s investment focus was gradually shifted from multi asset-class investments to private equity investments. After the end of 2017, Sievi Capital’s investment portfolio has consisted solely of private equity investments.

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